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Collect and Analyze Student Data Quickly and Easily

Data Collection shouldn't get in the way of teaching. It should help you and your students do your best.

Grade on the Go

Using GoGrades makes it easier for you to track student progress, freeing you up to spend more time working with and conferencing with individual students.

Student names are color coded and display the last comment you gave them, giving you instant insight into their progress when you follow up with them.

Give Grades
Give Grades

All of your Data in One Place

Switch between views to analyze your data in different ways. Easy to navigate. Easy to understand.

View Grades

Set Up Takes Seconds

Adding students to your classes and adding comments to your projects will be the easiest thing you do all day, and you only have to do it once.

Add the comments that are relevant to the work you're doing. The app tracks anything that is important to you.

Manage Students
Manage Students